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Problem with program

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I need help with a function or instruction that allows the mouse to move to a found text on the screen

memory addresses used to locate the text.

my question is, how I can get the coordinate of the text to make the mouse move and click on the text?

not for a browser, for a program that will be used by a disabled person who wants play in a game with us.

I apologize if my post is misplaced or prohibited but it really took 2 years working on this and I want to finish ASAP.

best regards and sorry for my bad english.

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sorry but just say "read the forum rules", being that I have read a thousand post and many questions about PC games and answer them without problems, is totally unfair, it is assumed that you are here to help with questions but nothing, so with this attitude at the end no one learns anything.

I say this with no intention to offend.

but ok, I will not ask more and get the solution by myself, no matter

thanks anyway.

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