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Problem with List Selection

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First of all, im mv2112, and im new here :) . Justa a young programmar dabbleing in many different programming and scripting languages. I do, however, use AutoIT for work, which is what i currently need help with.

At work, i use Radmin Viewer to remotly login to other computers for administration. Im trying to write scripts that help automate the update process. Right now i have a script that works perfectly, it:

  • Upload Update Files
  • Sheduals them to Run on Login
  • Logs In
The only problem is with the Radmin GUI. The computer names are listed in a SysListView32 object, so in order to access the computer, I have to select an option and hit enter. The problem is that even though i select a SysListView32 option with ControlListView(), the option itself is highlighted but there is still a gray box around another option. This causes the enter button to fail. It apears that i need to click the option to select it. Is there anyway to completely select the SysListView32 objects directly from script without manipulating the mouse?

This is the Code i use to find and select options:

    ControlListView("Radmin Viewer","","SysListView321","SelectClear")
    $handle=ControlGetHandle("Radmin Viewer","","SysListView321")
    $vData=ControlListView("Radmin Viewer","","SysListView321","FindItem",$pcname)
    ControlListView("Radmin Viewer","","SysListView321","Select",$vData)

I could post the whole script if needed but it is messy and iv fiddled with it a bit ;)

There's no place like ~/

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I have never used that software, but a quick search revealed that it accepts switches that can be used to directly control the program:


#include <ByteMe.au3>

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:) How did i miss that? Well, this GREATLY simplifies things! Thanks a bunch!

Also, i have 1 small question about AutoIT itself:

Does AutoIT have something like this in C++?

int somenumber=(foo>bar)?5:-5;

Thanks again!


There's no place like ~/

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