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Script waits till the page is loaded?

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ok so i have a script right now that will open up a website and start to type a log in with a password. the problem is, my internet cant keep up with the speed of the script. my solution was to add a sleep() while the page loaded. that worked for most of the time and yet it still didnt work the way i wanted it to. so i saw that there was a pixelchecksum command and i added an If loop that would wait till the checksum was the same as what i set it to. it looks like it works but it still doesnt work 100%

so i was wondering if there was a command that would wait until the webpage is completely loaded and then continue on with the script? can anyone point me in the right direction??

Thx guys!

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That will wait until the window is active.

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From the help file:

Wait for a browser page load to complete before returning.

#include <IE.au3>

_IELoadWait ( ByRef $o_object [, $i_delay = 0 [, $i_timeout = -1]] )


$o_object Object variable of an InternetExplorer.Application or DOM element

$i_delay [optional] Milliseconds to wait before checking status

$i_timeout [optional] Period of time to wait before exiting function (default = 300000 ms aka 5 min)

Return Value

Success: Returns 1

Failure: Returns 0 and sets @ERROR

@Error: 0 ($_IEStatus_Success) = No Error

1 ($_IEStatus_GeneralError) = General Error

3 ($_IEStatus_InvalidDataType) = Invalid Data Type

4 ($_IEStatus_InvalidObjectType) = Invalid Object Type

6 ($_IEStatus_LoadWaitTimeout) = Load Wait Timeout

8 ($_IEStatus_AccessIsDenied) = Access Is Denied

9 ($_IEStatus_ClientDisconnected) = Client Disconnected

@Extended: Contains invalid parameter number


Several IE.au3 functions call _IELoadWait() automatically (e.g. _IECreate(), _IENavigate() etc.). Most functions that do this also allow you to turn this off with a $f_wait parameter if you do not want the wait or if you want to call it yourself.

When document objects or DOM elements are passed to _IELoadWait, it will check the readyState of the container elements up to and including the parentwindow.

Browser scripting security restrictions may sometimes prevent _IELoadWait from guaranteeing that a page is fully loaded and can occasionally result in untrapped errors. In these cases you may need to avoid calling _IELoadWait and attempt to employ other methods of insuring that the page load has completed. These methods might include using a Sleep command, examining browser status bar text and other methods. When using functions that call _IELoadWait for objects other than the InternetExplorer (browser) object, you may also be successful by calling _IELoadWait for the browser yourself (e.g. _IELoadWait($oIE)).

The most common causes of trouble are page redirects and cross-site scripting security restrictions associated with frames. Page re-writing techniques employed by some applications (e.g. Gmail) can also cause trouble here.


_IELoadWaitTimeout, _IECreate, _IENavigate, _IEFormSubmit, _IELinkClickByText, _IELinkClickByIndex, _IEImgClick, _IEFormImageClick, _IEBodyWriteHTML, _IEDocWriteHTML, _IEAction


; *******************************************************
; Example 1 - Open the AutoIt forum page, tab to the "View new posts"
;               link and activate the link with the enter key.
;               Then wait for the page load to complete before moving on.
; *******************************************************
#include <IE.au3>
$oIE = _IECreate ("http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php")
Send("{TAB 12}")
_IELoadWait ($oIE)

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