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Simple Question

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Okay, so I've used scripts created by others for simple things before and I am now attempting to make my own.

I understood a lot of the coding by reading through the scripts (Yay for good comments), but there is a function I'm not sure which command to use.

Basically, I want to left click location A and then move the cursor to location B before whilst still clicking, and then release.

Think of something like simply highlighting a group of cells in a spreadsheet or such.

I tried using a record to generate the code and got something along the lines of:





I don't fully understand this one, and I was wondering if something like MouseClickDrag would be simpler.

Any ideas on what the best way to code it is?

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right. move the mouse to location a then use MouseClickDrag to drag it to location b. i could be wrong because i never use those functions but just what i thought might work

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