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Run scripts with parameters from other scripts

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I'm trying to make a program that, when handed a source directory, and a destination directory, it creates several child processes that are given file source and destination paths as it's parameters,

so that it basically makes individual threads for each file being moved.

So the master file is as follows:

$sourceDir = InputBox("Source Directory", "Navigate to Source Directory", @workingdir)
$targetDir = InputBox("Target Directory", "Navigate to the Target Directory", $sourceDir)

$params = $sourceDir & ' ' & $targetDir

Run(@workingdir & "\Runner.exe " & $params, @workingdir)

And the Runner file looks like this (obviously not actually what it ends up doing, I don't need help with this)

MsgBox('', '', "Starting")

if ($cmdLine[0] > 0) Then
  For $i = 0 to $cmdLine[0]
    MsgBox('','', $cmdLine[$i])

Anyone know how to do this? The

Run(@workingdir & "\Runner.exe " & $params, @workingdir)
is the line that needs work.

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