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Instead of opening internet explorer to check for new posts on the forums, why not use this small script? It's perfect for testing v3 Scripts and Scraps but I haven't tested it on any of the other ones. Here's what it does:

1. Download and read into a variable the html code of the forum you specify

2. Check if you are logged in, if not then exit with error

3. Check how many times it says "alt='No New Posts", if it's equal to 19 then exit

4. If the occurance of "alt='No New Posts" is less that 19, prompt to take the user to the forum

Here's the code!

$forum = 9  ;The forum code in the URL of the forum (listed below)
;        ^--------edit here

$fName = _Au3Forum($forum)
$html = _Download("" & $forum)
If not StringInStr($html, "Log Out") Then Exit 0*MsgBox(0, "Error", "You are not logged in to the forums!" & @CRLF & "Please log in.")
If _StringFindOccurances($html, "alt='No New Posts") = 19 and $fName <> "error" Then Exit 0*MsgBox(0, "New Post Checker", "No new posts in " & $fName & ".")
If MsgBox(4, "New Post Checker", "New posts were detected in " & $fName & "." & @CRLF & "Would you like to go there?") = 6 Then Run("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe " & "" & $forum, "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

Func _Au3Forum($nF)
        Case $nF = 2
            Return "v3 Support"
        Case $nF = 10
            Return "v3 GUI (Graphical User Interface)"
        Case $nF = 9
            Return "v3 Scripts and Scraps"
        Case $nF = 4
            Return "v3 Idea Lab"
        Case $nF = 3
            Return "v3 Bug Reports"
        Case $nF = 14
            Return "v3 AutoItX"
        Case $nF = 7
            Return "v3 Developers"
    Return "error"

Func _StringFindOccurances($sStr1, $sStr2)
    For $i = 1 to StringLen($sStr1)
        If not StringInStr($sStr1, $sStr2, 1, $i) Then ExitLoop
    Return $i

Func _INetActive()
    If @IPAddress1 <> "" Then Return 1
    Return 0
EndFunc  ;==>_INetActive()

Func _Download($sz_url)
    Local $sz_tmpfile = _CreateTemp()
    If _INetActive() and INetGet($sz_url, $sz_tmpfile) Then
        Local $sz_readtext = _ReadFile($sz_tmpfile)
        Return $sz_readtext
    Return ""

Func _ReadFile($sz_filepath)
    If FileExists($sz_filepath) Then Return FileRead($sz_filepath, FileGetSize($sz_filepath))
    Return 0

Func _CreateTemp()
    Local $sz_tmpex
        $sz_tmpex = @TempDir & "\t" & Int(Random(0, 99999)) & ".tmp"
    Until not FileExists($sz_tmpex)
    Return $sz_tmpex


Questions/comments are greatly appreciated! :)

EDIT: Quickly checked which forums this does NOT support: AutoitX and Bug Reports

Edited by erifash

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lol, I think that's pretty neat :)


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