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Internet Explorer object and InetGet

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I need help with a script I am creating equivalent to InetGet in background mode but with more control on the operation. See "appendix" for why I need this. I can't seem to find a method for the InternetExplorer object to do a download to file, or even save to file.

Any suggestions or refernces for such a method? Maybe the InetGet developer can tell me how the download to file portion is done in InetGet to help me duplicate it in AutoIT beta?

Best Regards


Appendix: InetGet is a great tool, but it does not seem to release control back to the script in background mode very fast, perhaps it waits until the download actually starts downloading (busy method is true or some such thing). Normally the InetGet entire save to file operation takes less than 100msec for the web site I am interested in, but if download is stalled somehow, control is not released for as mcuh as several seconds. This is too slow for my use, so I am trying to create my own InetGet with less "lag time".

I'm, Lovin' IT, X

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