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Need RichEdit Implmentation Advice.

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I'm trying to implement a basic multiline RTF edit control. I started with the ActiveX approach, using the RichEditExample from the help file. I've had great difficulty trying to add new object parameters to the basic create object tag pool.

With $oRP; Object tag pool


.Font = 'Arial'

.text = "Hello - Au3 supports ActiveX components like the RICHTEXT thanks to SvenP" & @CRLF & 'Try write some text and quit to reload'

;.FileName = @ScriptDir & '\RichText.rtf'

;.BackColor = 0xff00


Ones that I'm interested in are:

Indent ... Appearance ... Alignment ... and BorderStyle.

None of the entries I try change the initial displayed result when I run the script. Yet, if I make a syntax error, it's reported as such, so I know they're being parsed.

Numerous searches for help have lead me to the extensive support provided by the GUIRichEdit UDF, which seems entirely separate from the ActiveX approach.

I now admit, I'm confused by the two choices. Which is the best path to take for a basic text edit capability?

I will be grateful if someone with any understanding of both could provide a short explanation of the benefits of each. Also, what is the proper way to add to the Obj Tag Pool?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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The only border style I see for a RichEdit is ES_SUNKEN. You can implement that by declaring Global $ES_SUNKEN = 0x4000, and adding that to the style when you do _GuiCtrlRichEdit_Create(). It could also be set by changing the style with _WinAPI_SetWindowLong() specifying $GWL_STYLE.

I haven't used the ActiveX method to create a RichEdit control. Can you post a short demo of how you did that without the GuiRichEdit UDF?


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