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Getting text from Java Scrollable window

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I am trying to automate process which includes using StarClient java application and to get certain data from it. I was following topic more or less successfully. I can get the clicking done no problem, I had to use a little trick to select Activity tab, because I couldn't get it done other way :mellow:

Now I am where I want to be and need to get text from the window.

I was trying many variations of _ObjectValue(s)Get settings but without success.

I'd like to the msgbox in the end to contain the text from window. Any suggestions for syntax?

My code is as follows:

#include <Java.au3>

; _JavaObjValueGet($autoit_cntl_id, $javaferret_obj_name = "", $javaferret_obj_role = "", $instance_num = 1)
$java_obj1 = _JavaObjSelect("", "P & S", "menu")
$java_obj2 = _JavaObjSelect("", "Show Problem", "menu item")

_JavaAttachAndWait("View Product Problem Record")
$java_obj1 = _JavaObjValueSet("", "","text","ACF2MS",1)
$java_obj2 = _JavaObjValueSet("", "","text","9032",2)
$java_obj3 = _JavaObjSelect("", "...", "push button")
$java_obj4 = _JavaObjSelect("", "Main","page tab list")


;$java_obj5 = GRRRRHH!!!!
;MsgBox(0,"Report", $java_obj5)

Java Monkey info panel:


Window I want to get text from:


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