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Working with Windows Meta File.

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Hi forum i`m gonna to start working with WindowsMetaFile formats. I cannot find to much in the forum about this. I want to do something like the graphic programs that work with this File Format such selecting shapes and edit his points, color, and properties. this is for a possible job that i have in mind. I need that someone point me to the way so i can handle this "Graphic Objects" Like an editor and can change their properties. I need this way, because there are a possibility that this have to work on 3D or in a few of fixxed perspectives so i need to storage a same object instead of create a new one every time i will refresh the graphic for some reason.

I hope someone understand me, i know i have a bad english and i am in a "lack of language" to explain me better.

Since now i tell you thanks.

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You might start here (Google/Wikipedia are your friends): Windows Metafile


Thanks PsaltyDS i`m gonna check that it seems what i need for start.

PD: I will update this post when i have something with. I have a few ideas that i never see in an autoit script yet.

EDIT: I`m reading this [MS-EMF]: Enhanced Metafile Format

Maybe someone is interested

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