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Func FileReadLine

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Hi all,

i am new to autoit and have a question.

I want my script to read the first line of

addition.txt store it into $number and then

read the secound line of addition.txt and

store it to number again (this will overwrite

tha last number).

i hope you understand me :)

thx alot,



$file = FileOpen("addition.txt", 0)

$line = 0

While 1

FileReadLine("addition.txt", $line)

$line = $line + 1


i tried this but how can i tell my script now

to store the line in $number

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$number = FileReadLine("addition.txt", $line)


Uhhh Now i understand how this works!!!

Thx alot that was a great help.


$file = FileOpen("test.txt", 0)
$line = 1
While 1
$number = FileReadLine("test.txt", $line)
$line = $line + 1
MsgBox(0,"Try","This was line " & $line & ", Output: " & $number & " was detected on line " & $line & "!")

works try it if you want

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