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Embedded activeX component - RichText


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Well, there goes that theory. I've done numerous searches on the "Class is not licensed for use" error in relation to the richtext control, and none have turned up any solutions other than "make sure richtx32.ocx is registered", which it is. Unfortunately I really don't know much about Windows programming beyond AutoIt, so I'm at a dead end here because I have no idea what this error is really saying (aside from the obvious fact that the "class is not licensed for use", whatever that means). Is there an ActiveX expert in the house? :lmao:

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I want to add scrollbars to the rtf, but i've no idea...

$oRP.ScrollBars = 3 is write protected at runtime

same thing with:

$oRP.RightMargin = '32767'

$oRP.MultiLine = True

I think this is a general question:

How to modify such values before runtime?

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