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Pixel Color?

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Okay I'm completely knew but ive already got the rundown on know "automation's" but thats not what I intend anyway.I just want to know what "get pixel color" is used for how to do it.I really dont know where to start with it I just got this language yesterday so im still not sure when writing scripts ive only wrote 3 so far the longest being 86 lines.So what is Pixel Color for?

P.S I'm only 13 so dont be to hard on me :mellow:

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PixelGetColor as the help file says.

Returns a pixel color according to x,y pixel coordinates.

So using this function with the appropriate parameters it will return the decimal value of pixel's color.

This function is usefull when you work with images or when you have a window that resist automation.

For ex.

You have a window that resist automation with a picture(pic) that changes the color according some "status", so you should use this function to retrieve the color of the pic and know his "status".

Any question? just do it here and welcome to the forum.

EDITED: some words and a example.

Edited by monoscout999
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