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simple network communications

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Hello again,

There might be a straightforward answer to this, but I really don't know where to start:

I want to send some data from one PC to another. On PC X "server" I'm using AutoIT to transfer some continuously changing numbers into an array. These are optionally then colourcoded and sorted by the user.

Now, I want to send this data from the array across the local network to other computers, where I'd like other users to use the same (continuously changing) data in the same way. I'm guessing I have to poll the data from the "server" PC somehow.

Where do I start? I've never written a network program before, let alone with AutoIT.

TIA for any help,


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I have a client and a server script you can use to transfer data between one another, learn from this script and you might be able to reach your goal.

Have fun scripting!




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