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I have the following Code:

For $i1 = 48 To 58
 For $i2 = 1 To 8

Can anbody explain me, how i can convert $i1 to a 3 digit String (Example: 048) and $i2 to a 2 digit String (Example: 01).

Thanks for your Help


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I know I'm a bit late for the party, but you can also do the following kind of thing ..

For &sNumber = 0 to 1000

       ;Format into 8-digit string..
        $sNumberFmt = StringRight(String(&sNumber + 100000000), 8) 

        FileWriteLine($nFile, $sNumberFmt)   ;or whatever

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I do this a lot with part numbers, say all part numbers have 4 digits.


for $i=1 to 1200 step 35
$i4=Stringright("0000"&$i,4) ; use the right 4 digits
$output=$output&$i4&@CRLF ; just combining for output

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