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cURL and AutoIT

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Hello AutoIT Community,

I am in need of a tool(preferably) cURL that will allow me to visit a web link and execute commands. This is because I am using what is called a web power switch. An example of what I want to be done can be found here.

Digital Loggers - Web Power Switch

To run a script via a URL, first log in and authenticate. Next, the URL: http://Your_IP/script?runNNN to start execution at line NNN. For example, http://script?run100 starts script execution at line 100. Please log in first, or you'll be redirected to the login page.

Are there any current examples of autoIT that can achieve this task?

Thanks for your help

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Ideally I would be doing something along the lines of:

DllCall("libcurl.dll", "void", "*curl_easy_init")
DllCall("libcurl.dll","void", "curl_easy_cleanup","CURL","curl")

But I am just not sure if the parameters are all right, and how to initialize a data type from a dll. Knowing those two items would be very helpful to me.


(Sorry for the double post)

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