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Synchronized TreeViews???


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I am working on a small project for myself (and others of this site if it comes out OK). It is a search of EBay. I looked at an application () that does much of what I want. The feature I would like to implement is an individual search string for each category. I have not seen a “Multicolumn Editable Treeview”. The way I am imagining it working is to build a treeview from EBay categories. Clone that treeview (becomes Search String TreeView – SSTV) and synchronize between both TreeViews. Erase the text of the SSTV.

As the user navigates the category TV both TV’s will scroll. When the user is positioned on a level 1 item the ability to enter a search string which will duplicate thru all level 2 items for that category. A user may then position on a level 2 item and enter a search string for that item only.

I like the idea of using a treeview but a multilevel, collapsible, editable, combo box or listview would be fine also.

How would you do it?


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