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Combobox Set and Get Selection

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Trying to get the selection and also set the selection of a combo box in an external program. Using Autoit Info tool it shows the top as a combobox and the dropdown part as a list box giving the following details:-

Class: TspSkinComboBox

Instance: 5

ClassnameNN: TspSkinComboBox5


Advanced Mode: [CLASS:TspSkinComboBox; INSTANCE:5]

ID: 16909400


Position: 456, 133

Size: 160, 20

ControlClick Coords: 86, 9

Style: 0x56010000

ExStyle: 0x00010000

Handle: 0x01020458

Class: TspListBox

Instance: 1

ClassnameNN: TspListBox5


Advanced Mode: [CLASS:TspListBox; Instance 1]

ID: 766980


Position: 3, 3

Size: 138, 144

ControlClick Coords: 99, 45

Style: 0x54210151

ExStyle: 0x00000000

Handle: 0x0075086E

I have manged to get handles and ID via code of the above using WinGetHandle and DLLCall.

I have tried using GetCurrentSelection but it only returns "0" and when using SetCurrentSelection does not work.

FindString does not work.

Code below:

;ControlCommand("Jier Pro", "", 16909400, "SetCurrentSelection", "8")

;$index = ControlCommand("Jier Pro", "", 16909400, "GetCurrentSelection", 1)     
;MsgBox(0, "Text read was:", $index)

;$stext = ControlCommand("Jier Pro", "", 16909400, "FindString", "Number 1")     
;MsgBox(0, "Text read was:", $stext)

I have tried these on the Top combobox and list box below.

Any Idea's how to get information of items in the list or which is selected.


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