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I constantly have people calling me to reset passwords for them the day after they change them. People either can't remember what they used, or the system would not accept the password they could remember.

One of my clients has three different systems, managed by different levels of parent/umbrella companies, where each system has its own set of policies for passwords.

I remembered reading a security article about how adjective-noun combinations were easier to remember, but yet relatively secure against dictionary attacks. (I'll post a link if I find it again). So, to make thing easier on users, I wrote a little utility using AutoIt to help create secure, yet memorable passwords that would meet the combined requirements of the majority of systems I have encountered.

You can download the source code (in ZIP format) from here -> http://www.optionsintegrated.com/downloads/au3/PasswordThinker.zip

I wrote it a couple of years ago, and there are probably some things that could be done better, but it works very well. It still has my generic (very ugly) icon. Maybe one day I will make a better one.

The dictionary is an SQLite database containing 3-4 letter adjectives and nouns.

Enjoy, and feel free to give feedback.


The dictionary words are extracted from here -> http://www.mso.anu.edu.au/~ralph/OPTED/

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Contrast yes, simpler and easier to the eyes (probably compresses to png better too!). Worst thing is probably the lack of some common resolutions (seems to be a common theme from you :mellow:).

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