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ControlCommand and 'String'

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Hi AutoIters!

First, greeting to the forums!

Second, my problem:

Briefly: My problem is probably rooted in the difference between "string" and 'string'.

Longer: I'd like to select a combobox entry. The entries change, hence it's impossible to address the number of the entry. I'd like to copy a string out of excel and select it in the combobox.

The selection of the combobox essentially works (Handle and Syntax should be ok):


However, selection based on a variable fails:


I also striped the string of the carriage return which seem to come from excel:


No luck either. Neither with experiments with StringToASCIIArray(). I remember from C that there was a difference between "string" and 'string'. The documentation lists in this context also 'string' but I'm at loss how this is to be done.

Thanks for a hint!

Cheers illuminon

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Welcome to the forum,

There isn't really a difference between "string" and 'string' - you can see that here:

$a = "string"
$b = 'string'
MsgBox(0, "", "$a = "&$a&", $b = "&$b)

So, if the selection works with the string value and it doesn't when using a variable - the variable content is not the one expected. Consider using a msgbox to display the content of your $string variable. If it does look the same - look for non-printable characters (@CR, @LF and others ...).

What is the string you try to read from Excel?

SNMP_UDF ... for SNMPv1 and v2c so far, GetBulk and a new example script

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