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Windows Media Player Object

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I'm trying to write a small script that uses Windows Media Player to open up a stream from a local radio station. The problem is, I've never written code with COM, nor do I know which to use.

I'd like to figure this out myself, but I can't find the name of the WMP object to use (its Player Object).

Here's the code I have so far btw


$WMP = ObjCreate("MediaPlayer1")
MsgBox(0, "test", IsObj($WMP))
;With $WMP
;   .openplayer("http://players.eonstreams.com/FastAim/Player/Play.php?PulseID=14908515&SecurityKey=5553")

Func ExitProgram()
;   $WMP.close

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "ExitProgram")

While 1

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