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Supported paradigm in AutoIt?

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A definitive answer depends on the scope of your article.

While in the strictest sense program flow seems procedural, as this is abstracted into the language's functions, certain elements borrow from other paradigms, such as when dealing with GUIs, there is an option Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1) that looks an awful lot like event-based programming as does OnAutoItExitRegister(), HotKeySet() and AdlibRegister(). These functions modify the actual control flow, performing interrupts we do not 'see', so declarative programming seems to suit the bill too!

Additionally, some functions like InetGet() allow tasks to be performed asynchronously, demonstrating concurrent programming on some level and you have already seen with AutoItObject, that the language fits even OOP!

I'll stop here, as I'm sure by now you can see your answer depends on the specificity of your article, which is in turn up to you, so have a look at some of the functions, and at some of what has been achieved in the example scripts section and you decide.

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