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"Invisible" Inputbox

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Hey guys. Sorry for the recent incident on that old thread, but I really wanna know how to do this.

So I need to assign a value to a certain variable by hitting a hotkey, typing in the value and pressing enter. The sensible way to do this is by using the inputbox function, but it has the inconvenience of getting over whatever other window you have open. I was thinking maybe put the box in a hidden location, but it didn't seem like an elegant solution since it takes away the focus from the targeted program.

The problem is actually typing in the value and get it into the variable, and without the interface, this comes a bit too close to keylogger territory. Well at least keystrokes in this script should be blocked out or "absorbed", if you will, so this should be a considerable difference.

Any ideas? Or should I bend over for the banhammer?

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