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[RESOLVED] Why isnt this working....

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FileInstall('.\Include\Psexec.exe', @TempDir & '\')
FileInstall('.\Include\Psloggedon.exe', @TempDir & '\')

Global $Wname
Global $cUser
Global Const $PsExecReg = 'HKCU\Software\Sysinternals\PsExec'
Global Const $PsLoggReg = 'HKCU\Software\Sysinternals\PsLoggedon'
Global Const $PS = 'psexec.exe'
Global Const $PL = 'psloggedon.exe'

Global $TxtLog = "_LoggedOn.txt"
Global $TxtDir = "C:\temp\"
Global $CurrentLoggedOn, $Pid_CMD, $CountLines

If RegRead($PsExecReg, 'EulaAccepted') = '' Then RegWrite($PsExecReg, 'EulaAccepted', 'REG_DWORD', 1)
If RegRead($PsLoggReg, 'EulaAccepted') = '' Then RegWrite($PsLoggReg, 'EulaAccepted', 'REG_DWORD', 1)

$Wname = InputBox("Enter Workstation Name", "PC NAME:")


Func _Loggedon()

    $Pid_CMD = Run(@ComSpec & ' /k ' & $PL & ' \\' & $Wname & '| FIND "AD\" >> ' & $TxtDir & $Wname & $TxtLog)

    MsgBox(0, "Test", "CMD PID: " & $Pid_CMD)

Why is this part not giving me the currently logged on person for the remote PC?

Not sure if this is even the correct syntax.

Added this change

$Pid_CMD = Run(@ComSpec & ' /c ' & $PL & ' -l -x \\' & $Wname & '| FIND "AD\" >> ' & $TxtDir & $Wname & $TxtLog)
Edited by kevinward13

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