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Labview WINLIST NOT working


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My goal is to get the WINDOW NAMES (string data array), task list application items, for all open applications, so I can programmatically close any I don’t want running. I would think using what I have attached should work fine converting the variant data to string. However, as shown, only the window name for the calling vi is returned. Maybe AUTOIT has a problem because the number of windows detected (returned array[0][0]) always seems to show 1 no matter how many applications I am running. I tried anything and everything I could find on NI site, but no solution yet. BTW, now windows are hidden, etc.


If no title and text is given then all top-level windows are returned.

The array returned is two-dimensional and is made up as follows:

$array[0][0] = Number of windows returned

$array[1][0] = 1st window title

$array[1][1] = 1st window handle (HWND)


$array[n][0] = nth window title

$array[n][1] = nth window handle (HWND)

I know calls to LVWUTIL32.DLL works fine but I would really like to use Autoit and understand what the problem is. As and option, can anyone provide working vi that calls user32.dll directly to get the WINDOW NAMES (string data array) for all open applications.

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