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Windows event log - saving out contents...

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I did some searching already but cant quite find what I want. I run some scripts overnight on our application and every so often, Id like to do the following:

1) Save the entire contents of the event log as a ".evt" file.

2) Clear the event log

3) Continue running script

I figure every couple hours we'd like the event log saved and cleared. Ive already tried simply launching the Event Viewer app and trying to automate simply clicking the "Application" tree view item, then selecting the "Save Log File As..." option but I cannot make this work. There are no control names or any way I can find to click the right-mouse context menu items or even to click the Application tree view item.

We just need the whole log - no parsing or anything like that. Ive seen lots of examples of specific items being read/written to the log using Auto UT but not just a simple "save the whole shibang". The help file does show some event log functions but nothing about saving it out. Im stuck.


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