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I am trying to create test cases with the Selenium IDE tool but am finding issue with it recognizing new (pop-up) windows and performing functions on them (OK, Login, picklist selection, etc).

I saw some info on a website stating that the AutoIT could help with that by having a script running in the background.

I am not a developer and am not familiar with writing scripts at all and was hoping someone would be able to help me walk through the first one. I know exactly what I need to have happen but I dont know how to code it. I have screen shots of my selenium code and what needs to happen but It will not let me upload my Word doc. for some reason.

If anyone could help me with this I would be greatly appreciated.

This first page, including the login worked:

The second page is opened (in a new window) but apparently Selenium is not finding it:

Notice that I did change the target to have the title of Home which is what appears to be the name of the screen.

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