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A code for making my form always top on , Help ...


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Game? ... aha, "KnightOnline".


- Learn that other can't smell what you have or have not done.

- Learn that just saying that you did something is just short of not having done it at all.

- Learn that showing something that shows that you know about it is short of proofing that you did.

- Learn that Searching is a learnable skill to. ... oops topic just closed.

And now you probably going to learn that just opening a other topic is also not going to work ...


well maybe, no code yet. ... Anyway ... See manual on GUICreation, and click your way to the style options.

If you can't do that ... give up coding.


I'm out.

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"Straight_and_Crooked_Thinking" : A "classic guide to ferreting out untruths, half-truths, and other distortions of facts in political and social discussions."
"The Secrets of Quantum Physics" : New and excellent 2 part documentary on Quantum Physics by Jim Al-Khalili. (Dec 2014)

"Believing what you know ain't so" ...

Knock Knock ...

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