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Accessing files in Windows 7 Libraries

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Hello everybody

I'm doing a small interactive program that users on my company network runs to write information got from instrument measurements.

This program writes a file that needs to be both available for users and sometimes be shared among other users. The latter is an option.

Many of the users have Windows 7 machines, and they extensively began to use the Windows 7 Libraries (that I personally hate, but I didn't have the power to discourage the use).

Anyway, my question is: when a user saves the file into a Library, how can I get the real file path ?

I'm searching the Shell Reference on MSDN, but my programming skills are far from being deep.

Does anybody have some hint?

Thanks in advance for your help



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This topic may help you with this, at least find the true path and perhaps find a work-around.



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Still no luck, also analyzing the above posted link.

Does anybody have any idea?


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