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the reason autoit always gets me mad

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im trying my very hardest to learn autoit

most times i am trying to just look at the example code in the help file and then try to substitute the items to suit my needs

and so we come to control click

ControlClick ( "title", "text", controlID [, button [, clicks [, x [, y ]]]] )

that is copied from the help file

so what i want to do is use the coordinates to click a certain part of a control

so i do the following

ControlClick ( "mysoftwaretitle", "", 48686 [, left [, 1 [, 25 [, 22 ]]]] )

only when i do that it says there is a syntax error indicating the [ after the control id

so i figure it must need quotes around it and i try that

and thats doesnt work either

so why is it that the examples in the help file dont work

im really losing my rag with this and any help would be most appreciated

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when you see a [ or a ] in the help file it is telling you that that part of the syntax is optional, so what you want your function to look like is this:

ControlClick ( "mysoftwaretitle", "", 48686 , "left", 1, 25, 22)

[spoiler]My UDFs: Login UDF[/spoiler]

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