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GUI read from ini


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I have a gui that writes something to a ini. It works as it should but when I open my gui then it is empty. How do I read what already written in the ini file?

$L_MB_Entrypoint=GUICtrlCreateLabel("MB Entrypoint ID:",30,53,90,20)

IniWrite(@Scriptdir & "\config.ini", "section", "MB_Entrypoint", GUICtrlRead($MB_Entrypoint))
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Thanks guys I have a problem here. The Checkbox is not selected even though it says Yes in the file

$icons = IniRead(@Scriptdir & "\config.ini", "section", "Hide Icons", "")

$L_Hide_Icons=GUICtrlCreateLabel("Hide Icons:", 30,176,90,20)
$Hide_Icons=GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("", 130, 175, 97, 17)

IniWrite(@Scriptdir & "\config.ini", "section", "Hide Icons","No")
If GUICtrlRead($Hide_Icons) = 1 Then Iniwrite(@Scriptdir & "\config.ini", "section", "Hide Icons","Yes")
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