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trying to parse data using regexp

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I am trying to pull 812465E5:0506330 and UNVL_SLO_S09 from this string:


<REPLICA 812465E5:0506330>



Here's what I have so far:

$server = StringRegExp($string, '<HINT>CN=I[\w]+/O=SHUZ</HINT>',2)
$replica = StringRegExp($string, '<HINT>CN=I[\w]+/O=SHUZ</HINT>',2)

it just returns the whole line.. i think i know why - because what im doing is just redefining the line, how do I use Regexp to give me the characters in between and NOT the ones i specify?

thanks in advance!

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These might be backwards...

$string =  "<NDL>" & _
   "<REPLICA 812465E5:0506330>" & _
$server = StringRegExp($string, "<REPLICA ([\w\d]*:[\w\d]*)>", 3)
$replica = StringRegExp($string, "<HINT>CN=([\w\d_]*)/O=SHUZ</HINT>", 3)
MsgBox(0, "", "$server[0] = " & $server[0] & @CRLF & "$replica[0] = " & $replica[0])

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