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Waiting for file loading in target IDE

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I am using Autoit to automate a build in Microchip's MPLAB, an IDE for PIC processors (it doesn't have a command line option to do a build from the project file). I have most of the process working, but when I tell it to load a project, there is an indefinite delay while the IDE loads its workspace. It will not take a command until it is finished, therefore I need to wait for completion.

There is no direct indication of completion, but I did notice that a combo box is displayed with either "Debug" or "Release" showing. Another possibility I thought of was to press a menu hotkey (Alt-W) and look for a drop down. I don't know how to acomplish either task.

Any help appreciated, including tutorial pointers.


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Does the AutoIt Window info tool give you any info about the GUI?

That might help you interact with it easier

Also you can use Send("!w") to bring up the menu



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