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search google and display urls in my program

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Hello seems i have a problom with this script i have been working on the script is search google and display urls in my program my problom is it will only show me the first page of the search cant fig out how to get the script to go to page two of the google search ?

For $i = 0 To 1000
    $success = $spider.CrawlNext()
    If ($success = 1) Then
        ; Show the URL of the page just spidered.
        GUICtrlSetData($Edit1,$spider.LastHtmlTitle&@CRLF&$spider.LastHtmlKeywords&@CRLF& $spider.GetOutboundLink($i)& @CRLF,1)
        ; The HTML is available in the LastHtml property
        ; Did we get an error or are there no more URLs to crawl?
        If ($spider.NumUnspidered = 0) Then
            MsgBox (0,'',$spider.LastErrorText)
    ; Sleep a second before spidering the next URL.
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