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Im currently developing a surfbar in AutoIt and have two espacially questions. I also posted this on the german autoit forum.

I call a PHP via _INetGetSource and deliver some variables like Username and SiteID to verify the user to get a credit.

First question is, how can I deliver the values that no one can sniff the URL and the variables I assign.

Is it possible to deliver via $_Post that they cannot sniff it?

Second question is, how can I add a value which doesnt allow fakers to get the URL by reversing the surfbar and fake the credits. Because when someone reverse the script and gets the url, he can generate credits. It will just function every 15 seconds because Ive added a timestamp but he can generate credits without visiting the sites.

I think this is the main problem, because AutoIt code can be reversed. It is illegal but someone will do it and maybe publish it.

Is it actually possible to secure the surfbar that fakers cannot generate credits outside of the surfbar?



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