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Rar Archiver UDF

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I've needed a customized rar udf so I made this, It uses rar.exe for archiving of course, which you can get from rarlabs.

Here's the 32bit version and the 64bit version of winrar, after installation, inside the WinRar directory you will find "Rar.exe", which you totally need.

I thought it would be relevant to add unraring functionality so I included a function by that uses unrar.dll, the only modification I made was using the dll from memory using Wards "Memory.dll" UDF and other feature removal to rasim's function, leaving me with only the targeted actions of archiving and extracting like mad.



Ward - Memorydll.au3
rasim - Unrar.au3
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Is there anybody here can point me the right place to download the file on post #1 ?

The link seems not working anymore.

Or please point me a right direction to learn about pack/unpack rar archieve using AutoIT :)

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