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Problem with command in au3.properties


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I'm trying to implement a "Find All in Current Doc", and a "Find All in All Opened Docs", like Notepad++ does, but I don't know how to put the names of all opened files on the command line in the definition in the au3.properties file.

Here is my "find all in current doc" definition:

# Find All in Current Document
command.name.43=Find All in Current Document
command.43.="C:\Windows\System32\Findstr.exe" /I /C:"$(CurrentWord)" "$(FilePath)"

This works, but with 2 problems:

1. There are no line numbers in the output.

2. I cannot doubleclick one of the output lines and have the document repositioned to that line.

For my "Find all in all open docs" command, the definition is the same except that the $(FilePath) variable should be replaced by a variable that holds the names of all opened files).

However, I could not find out how to do this.

Here is my "find all in all docs" definition:

# Find All in all opened Documents
command.name.44=Find All in Current Document
command.44.="C:\Windows\System32\Findstr.exe" /i /C:"$(CurrentWord)" $(FilePath)

Any help would be appreciated.


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