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Letter of Apology

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Please forgive me for not posting this is the Chat Forum, however since this forum is the source of my wrongdoings, I shall post it here so that the affected people that I have hurt may read it.

Dear AutoIt Community,

Although I believe that I have done nothing wrong it has come to my

attention that I people believe I have, and for this I am truly sorry. I

am sorry for the attention whoring, thread bumping, hoodwinking, and any

other wrongdoing that I make have done. I am sorry for any hard feelings,

annoyances, and/or disruptions I may have caused you. I do not wish to be

viewed badly by my peers, superior coders, moderators, developers, and VIPs.

If you wish, I will, against my wishes, part from and never again join the

AutoIt community. I, whole-heartly, would prefer not to do so, however if

I am so truly considered bad, then I must for the good of the community as

a whole. I am truly sorry for my actions and I shall to prevent myself from

doing such wrongdoings again. Please inform me of your decision of which I

should leave the AutoIt Community. If it is so decided that I shall leave

the community, I would like to ask to have my IP banned and threads deleted.

If it is so decided that I shall not leave the community, I shall try to

make amends for my wrongdoings, and I'd like to ask to have my account

permantly demoted from Advanced User to Newbie as well as any punishment the

VIPs, Moderators, and Developers see fit that I must endure. I'd also like

to ask that people not post any offensive comments in this thread as I am

highly depressed already from hurting others with my wrongdoings and last

time I was this depressed I almost did something terrible to myself. Please

reply to this as soon as you can.

Truly and Utterly Sorry

-Robert C. Maehl

Amatuer AutoIt Coder

My UDFs are generally for me. If they aren't updated for a while, it means I'm not using them myself. As soon as I start using them again, they'll get updated.

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I have seen some of the thread that I think you are talking about. I don't see anything wrong with what you have said. You asked for someone to re-code something for you. It's not a horrible thing to ask for, but I don't know if anyone will be willing to do it for you.

I say you should stay. We need more people who are humble and able to apologize and less cocky people.

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Hey listen, apart from you posting deliberately in the wrong forum this time, I haven't noticed any real wrongdoings from your part, so lets move on and close this thread.

Jos :mellow:

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