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How to write hex to binary file?

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I want to modify offset 0x58A81A to 0x3B1C of this binary file, but it writes "1C3B" instead.

How do I do it?

2nd question: How do I make 0x58A81A a variable? (what kind of data type)

(also would like to make 0x3B1C a variable, but that's same question as above)

$modified_bin_fh = FileOpen($binary, 17)
FileSetPos($modified_bin_fh, 0x58A81A, 0)
FileWrite($modified_bin_fh, 0x3B1C)



I seem to have solved it :mellow:

$offset = Number("0x58A81A")
$mod_to = Binary("0x3B1C")
$modified_bin_fh = FileOpen($binary, 17)
FileSetPos($modified_bin_fh, $offset, 0)
FileWrite($modified_bin_fh, $mod_to)

Any better suggestions?

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