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Send request _WinHttp

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Hello, I need help on how to send out a request complex (for me) for this server below, I tried with _WinHttp but got no result with success, because I'm noob.

I need an example to use in creating a bot. :mellow:

URL: http://happyfarm.mentez.com/V2.5.017V/data/gateway.php

Protocol: HTTP/1.1

Method: POST

Content-Type: application/x-amf

Remote Address: happyfarm.mentez.com/

Here's the breakdown(Request):

AMF Message Message



--[0] Body Part

---Target String user.upgradeAnimal

---Response String /1

---Content Array

-----[0] Object

------data_id Integer 86576059

------farmuid String 16103623

------t String 1315633508

------uid String 12372702325924060724

------authcode String 21930163

------k String 5E13DA7EEA65ADEF7A63DFE70F866421

------v String 2.5.017

------l String pt-br

------item_id String 1206


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Please could post an example? Well, here is giving nul response.

That makes very little sense.

Write what you want using mother tongue, maybe that could help someone understand what you want.




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