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Creating a silent installer/Recording installation

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I am a non-IT program manager who has been tasked with supporting 700 end users. Each user has a mobile device that I also support.

I have admin rights, but none of my users do. My IT support is great, but he has over 2000 systems he supports in addition to my program. The Domain level Admins are typically not very cooperative when it comes to pushing out applications I keep running into situations where I need to install applications on user machines in a short period of time, and this is basically an impossible task given the details I have explained. I have been reading what I can in this forum and on the AUTO IT WIKI about how Auto IT can help.

As I said I am not an IT person, and learning Auto IT is going to take me some time. Unfortunately I already have several projects that need to get moving now. From what I have read it seems that Auto IT can record an installation, including the needed runas command and password, and then package an installer for me. so finally my questions.

1. Am I understanding this capability correctly?

2. Is there tutorial which can help me get a quick start on this now?

Thanks in advance, I understand how frustrating it can be to teach a beginner so, I especially appreciate anyone who decides to try and help.

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AutoIt can do just what you are looking for but you need to ask a few questions before you ever deploy a package in a business type multi-user environment:

1. Is the software you are installing been tested in your environment? It really sucks when an app is installed and it breaks stuff. Been there, seen it happen a bunch of times.

2. Does the installer for the app you want to install (the setup.exe you would normally run if installing it manually) support command line switches? If yes, then your job may be very easy. All you need to do create a simple script using the command line switches to do what you need.

3. How big is the software package? In some cases pushing software to a bunch of PCs can bring a network to it's knees until the push is complete. Network admins get real pissed at stuff like that. (not to mention users)

4. If you build an installer script using AutoIt understand users may mess with the install while it is in progress unless you design your script to prevent this.

5. NEVER embed a password in a script. If your script is compromised then your password can be compromised.

6. How do you plan to address software license management? You may have no plan (I have no idea) but if you don't plan to address software licensing you could violate licensing agreements with the vendor of the software. It sounds like your company may be of the size where this question has been addressed. If the BSA were to audit your company and you are out of compliance then the fines can be severe.

7. Referencing #6: If you have to use multiple software keys due to the licensing type is per seat and not site how will you be managing the keys when installing the software to your audience?

Now, to answer your questions, yes, AutoIt can automate the installation of software. USUALLY. It all depends on the software being deployed. In some cases the vendor will use an odd method to install the software.

For tuturals, you can use located in the Example script section of the forum. You can also go on YouTube to look at clips, and look at the AutoIt Wiki.

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