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_UskinLibrary.au3 (UDF) - Skin with DLL free (no ads) and fully functional!

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Just one more function :graduated:

; #FUNCTION# ====================================================================================================================
; Name ..........: _USkinApplyColorTheme
; Description ...: Apply color theme using hue and saturation.
; Syntax ........: _USkinApplyColorTheme($fHue, $fSaturation  )
; Parameters ....: $fHue          - hue. value range :0.0-360
;                 $fSaturation   - saturation. value range :0.0-360
; Return values .: Success   - Returns 1
;      Failure  - Returns 0
; Author(s) .....: Ahmet
; Modified ......:
; Remarks .......:
; Related .......:
; Link ..........:
; Example .......: No
; ===============================================================================================================================
Func _USkinApplyColorTheme($fHue, $fSaturation)
If $hUSkinDLLHandle = -1 Then Return 0
Local $result = DllCall($hUSkinDLLHandle, "int", "USkinApplyColorTheme", "float", $fHue, "float", $fSaturation)
If @error Then Return SetError(0,0,0)
Return 1
EndFunc   ;==>_USkinApplyColorTheme
Edited by ahmet

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I have a problem, i can't explain it good but i hope you understand me.

in your examples you are using embedded USkin.dll file right? I don't want to use it as embedded, coz i'm going to use this skins at some kind of huge project and i'm using about 4 a3x files coz i want more than 1 loop at once.

Now i want to use one of this skins for all of them, i can use your example but it will increase my a3x's file size.

I hope you understand me coz i can't explain it better :graduated:

Best Regards

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Ok, I understand...

1- Remove this line #include "_USkinDLL.au3" in _UskinLibrary.au3

2- Change this:

Func _USkin_LoadDLL()
    Local $sDllName
    $sDllName = _USkinDLL(True)
to this:

Func _USkin_LoadDLL()
    Local $sDllName
    $sDllName = @Scriptdir & "\USkinDLL.dll"
3- To get "USkinDLL.dll", put this line in the top of your _UskinDll.au3: _USkinDLL(True, @Scriptdir), then run!

4- That's all

João Carlos.

Edited by jscript

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Hi guys

I had a virus problem on my laptop the other day amnd when i ran superantispyware it flagged uskin dll and the skins as trojans. im wondering if anyone else has done any scans or found anything similar. Im thinking that whatever infection i had might have infected those files also.

On a side note this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks guys

Drunken Frat-Boy Monkey Garbage

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