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opening PDF files in a folder

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firstly, let me describe the secinaro:

folder on my desktop called "print"

inside is 5-20 folders, each with a different name and date like this: "Greg 063011" (Greg june 30 2011)

in each of those folders is an indesign file named "BC Template.indd" and "BC Card.pdf"

i want to open those PDFs one at a time, ask me for a quantity, (msgbox) then proceed to print and move to the next.

i already wrote the "print, wait for quantity, mark the settings, close the PDF, prompt for another" part of the script.

how would i go about doing something like:

get a list of the folders in "print"

put into $array

open $array value #1

do what i wrote


wait, i think i just answered my own question. But i still have one, is there a function or command that does "get a list of folders in print"?

(end edit)

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