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"Speed-up" Registry-key search...


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Hi Scripters...I just want to enquire some knowledge here...Is it possible to speed-up a registry search when searching for a specific key? ie I have a script (partly of course) --->

$I = 1
While 1
  $KEY = RegEnumKey($STARTKEY, $I)
  If @error <> 0 Then ExitLoop
  GUICtrlSetData($INFO_TEXT, $STARTKEY & "\" & $KEY)
  $Z = 1
  While 1
   If _IsPressed($pressed) Then Return
   $VAL = RegEnumKey($STARTKEY & "\" & $KEY, $Z)
   If @error <> 0 Then ExitLoop
   $sKey = ($STARTKEY & "\" & $KEY & "\" & $VAL)
   If StringInStr($VAL, $SEARCHVAL) Then _RegJump($sKey)
   $Z = $Z + 1
  If $KEY = "v2.0.50727_32" Then
   $sKey = ($STARTKEY & "\" & $KEY)
  $I = $I + 1

The reason for asking, is i tried Registry Crawler (Shareware) and it found keys 10x quicker than my code...Can it be because it has multi-threading -code in "Registry Crawler" itself that's the reason for the quich search, or is there a way of "boosting" my code?

PS:I added the "ProcessSetPriority = 5" to speed things up a bit, but it;s still on the slow side...

Thx fella's :graduated:

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