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A button pressed here = button pressed in another window

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**EDIT** Found out about "ControlSend( "SWG1, SWG2", "", "", Send ("{ENTER}"))" read more aobut my findings at the very bottom.


Below is my statement on why its allowed. But will you allow me to ask questions here about somehting about a game?

Heres the question;

I would like to run what they call a multibox for a game i play.

basically if i press 1(my healling powers for all my toons) i want 1 to be pressed on all my game clients. im thinking this really shouldnt be to hard..

basically all i need is the code that sends it to my game, id be able to program everything else.




I've read the forum rules. This topic i belive doesnt break your rules because im not breaking Sony Online Entertainment(SOE) Rules.

#1 Reason http://isboxer.com/index.php/is-isboxer-allowed

#2 http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/posts/list.m?&topic_id=1195929

I was actaully banned today for a few hours, untill the higher up admins saw what i was asking for. They totally agree this is fine for me to use.


After reviewing your post we have determined that what you posted was not a violation of our forum guidelines. We have removed the suspension from your forum handle and we apologize for any inconvenience.


Paul "Virrago" Williams

Community Relations Manager

Sony Online Entertainment LLC

From: ************************

Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2011 8:36 AM

To: forum-admin

Subject: forgot to send game info

small explantion; I dont plan on afk'ing the game. I only wanted to be able to do what is described on this thread. I just found it, and the original poster is actually my alt accoutn from a while ago.


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We have no problem with the use of a third party program to help you play multiple accounts at once. Though we offer no support on setting it up, as long as it does not hack the game or make you stats different in anyway then you should be fine.

Sorry for any confusion...

Star Wargs Galaxies

Forum Name: ***********

Thanks for your time



Thanks again. I hope this does not break any of your forum rules.

So i found

ControlSend( "SWG1, SWG2", "", "", Send ("{ENTER}"))

ControlSend( "SWG1, SWG2", "", "", Send ("i"))

For one, the command does not get sent to both of the games, only the one im on, which defeats the purpose of why im doing this. Im just trying to figure out how to get when im actually playing and i press 1, it presses it on the other 3 toons im running.

The only part of the code that works is the enter button, and only on the screen im viewing.

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Oh yah. I dont plan on AFK'ing the game at all. This is pureply for me to run around and kill stuff. OH YAH!!!!! EXTRA FIRE POWER! No action lost, and medics on hand behind! I cant wait!!!!! to bad my game is going to end on december 15th...

Anyways id love to team up with others if im allowed to work here. And ill set this program as free ware. Although 10 bucks for 90 days aint bad either for what other companies are asking for. but i like the challenge of coming up with my own. + its free

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Heres what ive found so far

$i = Send ("i")


ControlSend( "SWG1", "", "", "$i")

Originaly went with


ControlSend( "SWG1", "", "", "i")

Basically i want it to press i and open up the inventory. All it does, is if i enter into the chat mode with in the 5000 pause timer, it will type out "i". but if i dont go into chat mode, it doesnt do anything. as if its not pressing i. So i know it is because it did type in "i" in the chat bar.

Not sure why its not able to open the inventory. While ingame my inventory hot key is "i"

As of right now im just trying to figure out how to get it to actually open up.

im thinkjng the actualyl code will look simialr to this



Gets sent to "SWG1", "SWG2", "SWG3" ;The button that was just pressed will be sent to all 3 games of Star Wars Galaxies.


I found out how to rename and succefuly renamed each of my swg clients that were open from star wars galaxies to SWG1, SWG2, SWG3. Im learning alot more now. Been searching

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