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Ulimately my goal is to do exactly what this guy did


aside from the autopulling of price list i will do this manually using excel.

I compiled and ran his program and it did not seem to work I had a friend request a trade and the program just sit there and did not click the ok button etc

hoping someone can help me complete. I do want to learn the coding of autoit I have done the notepad and the winzip tutorials

just started today.....i know this program may be a little overboard for someone new but I have coded in perl on a daily basis for several months so i do have a very short lived coding background but how i learned perl was just diving in knowing what i wanted to code and going from there.

oh I also have been looking at a lot of autoit sourcecode today to understand how it works

Someone mentioned the potential problem with the guys original code hoping someone can help also need to change the pricing to pull off an excel spreadsheet that has columns

thanks to all who reply

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