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quad - a lightweight add-on for Windows Explorer


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quad is a lightweight add-on for Windows Explorer on XP SP3 to ease

and speed-up some common operations.

The quad icon in the Quick Launch runs four different functions

depending on the portion the icon gets clicked.

1.1 Upper-left

Open a new Explorer window with 'root view'.

1.2 Upper-right

Do an operation with the selected file or folder in

Explorer: New, Copy, Move and Get Selection.

1.3 Bottom-left

Open a new Explorer window.

1.4 Bottom-right

Open Menu for: Power down, Eco Standby, Quick Standby, Reboot and

Restart WE (Windows Explorer).

1.5 Usage

To try it, link quad.exe to your Quick Launch. The quad icon must be

located visibly on the Quick Launch toolbar; settings like button

size must be per XP default. To remove quad, just remove it from

your Quicklaunch; no files and settings are touched behind the scenes.

The file operations, started by the upper-right portion might be

somewhat strange to use at first, therefore select some unimportant

file or folder in Explorer for testing.

Read more in the attached zip-file, which also includes quad.exe and source files.

-- Klaus




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