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AutoIt v3.3.7.17 (Beta) Released

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Special Note: This is an official beta release but it is not digitally signed. Only Jon has the certificate used for digital signatures and the last time I checked I was not Jon. (20th September, 2011) (Beta)


- Added: DllCallAddress() now has an example.

- Added: Example and incomplete documentation for ObjCreateInterface().

- Fixed #1660: Crash on Mod() with a divisor of 0.

- Fixed: COM methods no longer change the type of AutoIt variables.


- Fixed #2009: Incorrect styles listed in _GUICtrlToolbar_Create().

- Fixed #1009: SQLite library needs to support a user-defined callback for diagnostic messages instead of hard-coding ConsoleWrite().


- Fixed #1934: #ForceRef after a single-line If statement ending with a single keyword would cause an incorrect error to be displayed. (20th September, 2011) (Beta)

- This version was released but immediately pulled due to an error. See for changes.

Report issues here.

Download here.

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