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EM_SETLIMIT according to MSDN

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I have quick question...

Edit controls on Windows NT/2000/XP: For single-line edit controls' date=' the text limit is either 0x7FFFFFFE bytes or the value of the [i']wParam parameter, whichever is smaller. For multiline edit controls, this value is either –1 bytes or the value of the wParam parameter, whichever is smaller.

Does this mean the amount of characters is essentially limited to available memory for multiline edit controls (theoretically unlimited)?

Is the "-1 limit" also applied for a single line on a multiline edit control?

Does AutoIt place internal limits that bypass this?

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I don' think it is unlimited. I think -1 depends on your system:

-1 in hex (x86): 0xFFFFFFFF

-1 in hex (x64): 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

But this is just a guess.

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