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Improved Disk Security

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I have made very smart program it can use unlocker.exe to unlock and delete the autorun.inf

My program features:

  • Automatic Protection For Drives
  • Fixing Registry
  • Create Virtual Autorun
  • Startup Editor
  • Controlling the protection level :High-Medium-Low
  • Using Unlocker To Unlock USB From Process To eject it
  • My Program has two language :English-Arabic
If you have any updates or advices to my program please post it here(Don't be shy).

Thanx For all Geniuses.


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It looks like it will be a good program and has a lot of nice features.

BUT...there is always a BUT...

You need to document what the program does..IE you say it improves protection...BUT what is it protecting?? Does it only protect USB????

What is a "Virtual Autorun.inf" file?

In the "smart fix system" Tab.... what do the various options do?

In the "settings " Tab What does the "FFX (full Fix)" do?

What happens if I don't enable "remove autorun automatically"?

I could look through your code but if you give just the program I doubt if it will be used because people aren't sure what to do with the program and what the program will do to the computer.

I'd suggest some tool tips in the program and/or a help file to explain what it does.

Keep up the good work this show a lot of promise. :graduated:

John Morrison

BTW I've posted what I thought were great scripts on here and never recieved even one reply while other "LESSER" (In my view ;) ) scripts have pages and pages of replies. You can't make people reply and if you get mad about it people won't replying at all. :)

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  • Developers

Number of downloads more than : 33

Do you want me Jos to be patient :graduated:

yes and when you have problems with that then please do yourself and us a favor and don't post here.

Clear enough?

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Thank U Very Very Very Much for replying to me I will Tell you What is doing:

Remark: my program protect FIXED Drives - Removable Drives Only!!

If You don't enable remove automatic autorun the warning!!! message still @SW_SHOW

So Any question reply please..


Full Fix (FFX): Closing All programs but system process keeps it and then create a title that contain program name and attribute and

location for this program and you have four choices:

Ignore: The Program will not run and will not deleted

Block:Block program from run and delete it

Run:Run This Program and nothing will do for it

Delete:Delete This Program and move it to quarantine


and u ask me for :Remove Autorun Automatic:

This Choice: if my program detect any autorun on any drive it will delete it automatically


also u ask me for Virtual autorun.inf

this is a folder named : autorun.inf if any virus want to make an autorun FILE that will be in the FOLDER autorun.inf this is virtual autorun.inf


I am Arabic man and i don't speak English very well forgive me please....


i like who ask me very much

thank u

Rate for my program ..

Edit: You know I am Just 16 years old? you believe me??!! I swear!!

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